About Us

After returning from his trip to Italy in 2010, Divine Ginseng Coffee founder Diego Pellegrini began thinking about importing a product new to the Australian market. One that was becoming more and more popular in the very traditional minded Italy. He thought that if Ginseng coffee could sweep Italian culture, then Australians would also appreciate the distinctive taste of a drink full of benefits!

Divine Gingseng Coffee Pty Ltd began trading in October 2010. Since then, after a period of settlement, the company has continued to grow and Divine Gingseng Coffee is becoming a new reality in Australian culture.

Internationally Divine Ginseng Coffee is fast becoming a replacement to regular coffee, especially in the workplace due to its known health benefits. The distinctive taste of Divine Ginseng Coffee is created using coffee mixed with ginseng extract, blended with milk, and a touch of caramel and nut flavour.